Tallahassee Lumber Co.
Southern Iron & Equipment Co. # 1363
Porter c/n 733

Tallahassee Lumber Co

        This strange looking and extensively rebuilt and modified Porter began life as their construction number 733, being built for the Cummer Lumber Company of Cadillac, Michigan. The order was received on November 12, 1885 and was shipped on January 12, 1886.  The engine at that time was a 2-4-4 and was ordered for Cummer's Cadillac & North Eastern RR as number 4, the "Jack Mosser". This baby had 10x16 inch bore and stroke and 40 inch drivers, a 500 gallon rear tank, along with an Eames Vacuum Brake system. And oh yeah, I forgot to mention she was a 36" narrow gauge lokie too.  By the turn of the century Cummer ran out of timber in Michigan and moved everything south to Florida, setting up a new mill on the waterfront of Jacksonville and building the Jacksonville & South Western to their timberlands in the Newberry area. Cummer's new logging operation used standard gauge so they rebuilt this engine to standard on December 11, 1903. If you look closely on the photo you will see the splices used to widen the cylinder saddle.  On May 6th, 1907 Cummer modified the engine once more, removing the pilot truck, making her an 0-4-4. 

        In December of 1912, Cummer traded or sold this engine to Southern Iron & Equipment Company, becoming their number 893. Sold on January 24, 1913 to LC Yeager for his Tallahassee Lumber Company, she could have served at any or all of the company's six different mills in the area, Corey, Rose, Woodville, Thomas, Ocklocknee and Tallahassee.  Then in October of 1918, she returned via sale to Southern Iron & Equipment and given number 1363. The engine was shopped and this picture was taken, and she was sold on August 22, 1919 to Edgar Misterfelt #1 at Florence, Mississippi. 

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