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Cabbage Stacks at Slater
A Short Illustrated History of the
The Dowling and Camp Incorporated's
Sawmill at Slater, Florida
Part 2 - Photo Section

By Donald R Hensley, Jr.
with a lot of help from Willie Grant
and the late Earnest "Frog" Smith".

Photos from Donald R. Hensley, Jr. collection unless noted otherwise.
Copyright 2003 by Donald R. Hensley, Jr.

D&C Loader
The Steam Log Loader about 9 miles south of Alva, Fla.
Photo by George W Pettengill on April 10, 1941.

D&C 1
Dowling & Camp # 1 at Slater on April 14, 1941 by George Pettengill.
This prairie later went on to the C.J. Jones Lumber Co. at Jerome, Fla

D&C 10
D&C number 10 was a regular engine on the Savannah & Atlanta before going into the sawmill business.
Here she is at Slater on April 9, 1941 as captured by George Pettengill.

D&C 12
George Pettengill caught the 12 spot out near the Alva logging camp on April 10, 1941.
This Baldwin mini mogul was original built for the Texas Arkansas & Louisiana # 3 in 1906.
However she spent a lot of time in and out of the Birmingham Locomotive & Rail Co. yard in Birmingham in the early 20's.
Shuffled between 3 different Mississippi loggers she finally found a home at Slater in 1924.
One of the original J.W. McWilliams Co. engines.

D&C 103
The 103 was originally the passenger engine for the Charlotte Harbor & Northern RR # 8 that ran from Boca Grande to Mulberry, FL
When Seaboard inherited the loco as their number 103 in 1928 they soon decided they didn't need another 4-4-0.
Dowling and Camp however needed an ICC certified mainline engine to run over Seaboards tracks
 and they soon acquired the once proud crack passenger engine.
Shown here dumping logs at Slater by George Pettengill on June 13, 1941.

D&C 170
The 170 was another Seaboard (# 170) cast off which was sold to D&C in 1933.
Shown here resting in Slater by George Pettengill circa 1941.

D&C 44
It was reported that late in the game D&C needed another mainline engine.
A number 44 was brought in to haul the logs in from Alva.
Frog Smith thought she came from the Georgia Northern, but research shows there is no engine that could qualify.
However the Weaver Loughridge Lumber Co. at Boyd, Fl had a 44 which was certified to run on the Atlantic Coast Line.
My informant Willie Grant Verified this is the locomotive seen during the last year of operation at Slater.
This photo however, was taken at Boyd, Fla circa 1935.

D&C Caboose
George Pettengill got a good shot of the Dowling & Camp caboose on April 5, 1941 at Slater.
Large cabooses like this were important in carrying men back and forth between the company town and the camps.
The caboose was also required for mainline running over the Seaboard Air Line.

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